Priority admission is given to current students followed by siblings and all other applicants. All other placements are made on a first come, first served basis and the School reserves the right to only accept students who meet the requirements for admission.

STEP 1. Inquiry and school visit
The initial visit will include a school tour and you will be provided with the basic school information. Administration personnel will entertain inquiries.

STEP 2. Schedule a sit-in and meeting with Grade Level Coordinator or School Director
A sit-in is an opportunity for families to observe how classes are conducted. A sit-in may be done on the same day as the school visit
(Step 1), provided that you have scheduled ahead. Walk-ins will not be allowed to sit in. Sit-in is for the child and parent.
For Preschool:
This is the last step of the Admissions Process. No assessment is required for incoming preschool students. If you are decided to enroll, proceed to Step 5.

STEP 3. Complete requirements
List of Requirements will be sent via email. Submission of requirements is necessary before an initial assessment will be scheduled.

STEP 4. Secure an assessment schedule and take the assessment on the scheduled date and time.
Student’s eligibility for enrollment would be determined after review of documents and results of assessment. Families will be contacted via email with an acceptance letter 1-week after. Follow up may also be made via phone call at 739-0023 during office hours.

STEP 5. Make a reservation to secure a slot.
Classes have limited slots therefore parents are recommended to make a reservation. The reservation fee is non-refundable but is deductible from tuition.
Admission for Kinder, Grade 1 and transferees begins in October. For all other levels, we open in January.

STEP 6. Enrollment
Enrollment packets will be given in May, which will include forms to be accomplished and list of school kit. Forms and kits should be submitted on or before June 1.


1) Age for Kinder: a student who will turn 5 by September 30 on the year of application may be accepted into the Kinder program as long as he has completed the requirements given by the Department of Education:
a. Passed the Philippine Early Childhood Developmental Checklist to be administered by the School.
b. Approval from the Department of Education Superintendent.

2) Grade 1 applicant without LRN: students who have completed the Kinder Program but do not have LRN
a. Proof of processing of Philippine Validation Test for Kinder Level

3) Children with Special Needs
a. Sit-in period
b. Preschool policy
c. Inclusion program agreement (for Grade School)

Downloadable Forms