Business Week: Complete!


Dear Parents, 

Today we’d like to talk about a recent event that we are so proud to have at our school every year:  Business Week!

Stalls were set up, signs were posted, and wares were showcased for our own little market.

The students made turon, palitaw, lumpiang togue, ice candy, sago’t gulaman and a lot more… No wonder one of their favorite parts of the event was eating what they made.

They also crafted fun accessories like key chains and designed the shop signs that advertised their products.

Our students surprised us with how savvy they were during the event…

Some students focused on the product side of things, making them more appealing to customers and producing more of the popular dishes like togue. Others made adjustments to financial aspects like adjusting the price to suit customer demand.

They also learned how to speak to customers and handle transactions so everyone got served quickly.

Why are we so invested in teaching our students about business?
Dear parents, we believe that we are filling an important gap in knowledge that will help shape our students into financially responsible and forward-thinking individuals. Not only does it incorporate integrated learning by combining math, science, and communication, students are exposed to the “real world.” They learn how products are made and the cost of labor, raw materials, and how to leverage them into profit.​

​It was an awesome sight to see everyone working hard together to essentially operate their very own businesses, from production, to sales and customer service. Special deliveries were made quite quickly and happily.  After the event, we asked some of the students if they had a good time and if it was a learning experience for them – we were met with a resounding YES!

​Here are some of the feedback we received from our students:

“My most memorable experience is when I learned to work and how business works.”
“I learned that it is important that kids like us can experience being an entrepreneur.”
“I learned that we should work really hard to earn money and should have patience to get your goal.”
“We learned how to save money and share it with others, like donating to the immersion.”

​Parents also observed positive changes at home.  To earn some capital, they were introduced to chores they don’t normally do; they also learned how to independently make iced candy, milk tea, palitaw and many others.

It would be our honor to watch them confidently move forward into the future with all the fun and meaningful lessons we learn at our school.

Dear parents, how exciting it is to see how hard our students worked for themselves and for others, and how these lessons will positively impact their future.

We hoped you enjoyed reading about Business Week! We still have more fun and learning to look forward to in the year ahead – so stay tuned to the blog.

Until the next post!


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