Have You Set Your New Year’s Resolutions?


Dear parents,

We’ve just moved into 2020 – a brand new decade! I’m sure you’re familiar with the New Year’s Resolutions and why they’re important. So why not bring your child into the activities?

Not only is it a great chance for bonding, but it also establishes the importance of goal-setting – especially for older kids.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Read together every day.

Studies show that even 8 or 9 year olds still benefit from being read to – it’s also a great way to explore new concepts that they don’t always encounter in their day-to-day activities like character relationships, internal struggles, and the grey area between right and wrong.

They’ll also be channeling their imagination to visualize stories – who knows, maybe you have an author-in-the-making!

 Play together outdoors at least once a week.

Much as it’s not easy for many families, going out has tons of benefits. Children get to explore their environment, observe all kinds of people and animals, develop their physical abilities and gain self-confidence. Honestly, we could use the exercise.

​Pray together.

Children learn by example – if you want them to develop a habit of prayer, doing it together goes a long way. It’s also very meaningful to show them your personal gratitudes so they earn to always be thankful for each morning, every meal and all the blessings they receive. Fun fact: Did you know that focusing on gratitude helps with anxiety?

​ Write a journal.

Sit down together once a week and write in your own journals. Journaling allows them to reflect on their thoughts and actions for the past week. It’s also good handwriting practice. For example, we write the things that we’re grateful for. They can also use it to set small goals for the upcoming week and see their progress.

Do a household activity together once a week – like cooking or cleaning.

You want to teach your child the value of responsibility and train their life skills early on not only for practical uses but also because it fosters a feeling of self-confidence. Doing it together makes the “chore” more fun.

Remember parents, consistency is key! Think of resolutions that would benefit not only your child but you as well – grow together, encourage each other and find joy in each other’s small wins.

Happy 2020!


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