Jesus Discovery in the Classroom

We aim to deepen the relationship between God and His sons and daughters by making Him a part of their daily life in school.  Through prayers, stories and activities, the children are made aware of God’s awesome presence.

We begin every year with the Story of Creation, which we consider as the best starting point of the unfolding of the beautiful love story of God and His children.  To be a witness to God’s glory in Creation and to embrace the truth that the same hands that made the stars and the moon, the mountains, the fields, the trees, the creatures of the sky, the land and water, made me makes it easier to believe that I am special.  We know that accepting one’s giftedness helps the child grow loving oneself and loving others.

Getting to know Jesus and His special friends in the Bible help in teaching children Christian values.  Values of the month give emphasis to attitudes we want our children to inculcate such as helpfulness, generosity, prayerfulness, obedience, and love.

As in all areas of our curriculum, we use a holistic approach and a variety of methods to be able to make lessons of truth come alive.  An area in each classroom is devoted as a Jesus Discovery corner equipped with children’s bibles, storybooks, felt activities and toys.  Every week, a time block per class is prepared as a Jesus Discovery class where the teacher and children sing songs of praise and pray together, listen to stories and engage in art activities, games and music and movement.

Children come to know Jesus and easily believe that He is real and that He is in the here and the now.

Catechism for Catholic students

Led by Sr. Aline of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the second grade students go through beautiful journey of encountering Jesus as Bread of Life.

On the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord in January, Communicants receive their First Communion.

Beginning February 5, 2016, Child’s Space will celebrate First Friday masses in school.

Jesus Discovery outside the Classroom:  Community Service

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”  Mark 10:45

Community service is faith translated into action in our school.  We follow what Jesus said in Mark 16:15, to “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”  We believe that this command is for all peoples and young children would understand it better when they experience sharing their time, treasures and talents.  Each year, we have our Christmas outreach — programs are done in school or outside school.  Games, gift giving, and sharing of meals are important components of our program.

The proceeds of Kinder’s 100th Day Celebration are always use to buy special presents for the school guard and maintenance, who are very important people in our community.

Each quarter, the Grade School students come up with different community projects:

Second Quarter projects are made individually and with the family of students.
Third Quarter project is in line with the Christmas outreach.
Fourth Quarter projects are made as a class and must be impact a community and must be sustainable.

     Please wait for more details about our Grade Schoolers’ projects.