Look Up and See: I Am Doing Something New

Annual Teachers’ Recollection
Written by Teacher Jill Tiamzon

The teachers of Antioch School Manila had their annual recollection last January 22, Friday via Google Meet. Facilitated by Sister Marla Galvez of the Verbum Dei Missionaries Community, it was an afternoon filled with reflection, prayer, and enthusiasm which left everyone who attended a sense of renewal and hope.

The event started with “Live the Past with Gratitude,” the teachers described the past year through pictures and expressed their statement of thanks for the past year. Everyone admitted that 2020 has not been easy, but they also agreed that there are still things to be thankful for. Sister Marla imparted that the past helps us learn about the future, and as guided by the disciples on their Road to Emmaus (Luke 24: 13-31) who were dwelling in the past, the teachers moved on to the second part.

In the second part called “Live the Present with Enthusiasm,” everyone reflected on the state of their hearts, mind and strength. Recognizing the need to reconnect with God, the participants looked into what is occupying their minds, if they have enthusiasm for life, and what qualities of the disciples of Emmaus they have learned and can apply to their present.

“Live the Future with Hope” is the final part wherein the teachers took some time to think about their life project and their goals in the different aspects of their lives. Here, they listed down what they see as their theme for their life project as well as what they want to achieve in their spiritual lives, physical condition, financial state, family, work, and even studies.

In between, everyone sang an action song – “I am the way, the truth, and the Life” as Sister Marla played the guitar. It was such a fun reminder of Jesus’s role in one’s life.

The teachers shared their thoughts and each one opened their hearts as they are reminded that Jesus is always with them. Although a number saw themselves as runners running through life, they are aware that He is with them in the path that they are taking. The recollection gave everyone an opportunity to understand what is truly important in these seemingly bleak times, a glimmer of hope in the presence of our Savior.


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