Mommy Ria’s Message to the First Communicants


We praise and thank the Lord for this day.

Dear First Communicants,
Congratulations! We, your parents, guardians, family, teachers and friends are so happy with this important spiritual milestone today, you have received Jesus through the Holy Communion. It is the best day to be joyful and excited, Jesus is in you and Jesus lives in you. Please cherish this day as you grow and share God’s love to others.

Dear Parents,
God has entrusted to us these children to be bearers of His love. As a family, let us start making this beautiful journey of faith with a thankful heart & strong commitment to pursue a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ together and through His mother, Mary. Let us all pray more often and go to mass to celebrate our life with Jesus Christ through the Holy Eucharist.

Thank you Teacher Cecilia and all the teachers for being the second parent to our children, I am echoing what Mommy Jenny shared during our parent’s day this year that Child’s Space is an answered prayer.  You have been a great instrument in molding our children to be good Christians and making them closer to Jesus Christ, their true teacher.

Thank you Father Iwao, you are God’s gift to our children.  Forever we will be grateful for saying Yes to be their catechist to prepare them to receive Christ today.  You bring fun and joy while planting the seed of faith in them & leading them to holiness.

Thank you also to our dear choir Hangad. Heaven is rejoicing with your angelic voices. Thank you for being part of this celebration and for making it extra special with your beautiful songs.

As we go on with our celebration today, I would like to share this beautiful message I read in the booklet Bea received from her lola last Christmas, it is a message of Pope Saint John Paul II to the First Communicants. It may also serve as a reminder & refresher to all of us present here…

Dear First Communicants,
There is no church in the world
as beautiful and holy as you.
I lovely embrace all of you
who for the first time receive
Christ in your heart.
There is no church in the world
as beautiful and holy as you,
who are now a living
Tabernacle of God.
I pray that nothing will ever
take away the gifts brought
by Jesus into your hearts.
Open the doors to Christ.
Be not afraid to welcome Christ!
Be not afraid
Open wide the door of
your hearts to Christ!

— Saint John Paul II

God is good! God bless us all!


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