Our Community

Teachers and Staff

Teacher Cecilia
Head of School and Jesus Discovery Teacher

Teacher Cecilia has a Master of Arts degree in Family Life and Child Development from the University of the Philippines. She has been in the field of education for more than  20 years. She has worked in local preschools as a teacher and consultant, pioneered the preschool in an international school, and joined Camp Explore before finally deciding to put up her own school. It was a calling from God she happily chose to follow. She can’t imagine doing anything else.

Teacher Kara
Assistant School Director

Teacher Kara has been teaching for almost 15 years and has experience here in Manila as well as in the US. She has a Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University. And she is a certified Positive Discipline coach. She espouses exercise and good eating habits as keys to healthy living, even for children. Teacher Kara has developed the preschool’s PE program and is part of the Grade School’s and High School’s General Fitness program.

Teacher Tin
Head of Administrator

Teacher Tin graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree in Business Education. She has been with Child’s Space since 2011. She is an artist at heart and is responsible for all the decorations and designs in school and our programs. She believes that getting to know a child helps in understanding him, and is the only way to give him the support that he needs to learn in and enjoy school.

Teacher Ella
Upper-Grade School Coordinator

Teacher Ella has a Bachelors’s Degree in Psychology majoring in Early Childhood  Education from St. Paul’s University and will soon complete her Masters Degree in  Curriculum and Teaching with 21st Century learning at Miriam College. She has been part of the ASM family for 7 years and has taught in different levels in PS and GS. She is hardworking, passionate, dedicated, and such an awesome teacher! She loves to learn and works hard to ensure that her kids are learning. Her activities are hands-on,  interesting, and motivate different learners.

Our Children and Families



Lyndel, G3

Mom’s Name is Chrissy

We continue to choose Child’s SPACE as our partner for Lyndel’s education because we feel he is in a nurturing environment where he can grow academically, emotionally and spiritually. We appreciate the school’s efforts in reminding each student how relating to each other is just as important as learning the lessons. One thing that also made me decide in sending Lyndel here for Grade school was when I saw first hand how the upper grades conducted themselves during Lyndel’s 100 days of Kinder. Lyndel had a super fun Lego setup and they were so eager to experience it. But since Lyndel was not on his desk that time, they waited for him without touching his setup. That’s when I truly saw how the school molds the kids – that every action should be found with respect and care.

I also appreciate that the school decided, early on, to integrate STEM in their curriculum. It shows that the school recognizes the need to be future forward but at the same time, still grounded on the basic principles in shaping the kids.

Rigel, G2 

  1. Proper inclusion implementation – modification and accommodation are done well such that Rigel really feels included and not left out in any activity, be it academic or not; when she feels confident, we feel that we are maximizing her potentials for learning.
  2. Appropriate student:teacher ratio – teachers can give enough attention to each student thus they have the bandwidth to really know and understand their students; it makes them better teachers because they can reach out and communicate with their kids in a manner acceptable to them
  3. Values Formation is aligned with our family’s values – to us this is the most important

Liam, G1

  • Their holistic approach of teaching kids specially those with special needs.
  • Fun and friendly environment for kids, parents and teachers

Ocean, G1

  1. There is personal approach to each individual student.  Teachers know their students well, (their interests, strengths and weaknesses), enabling them to help each child develop.
  2. Christian values and love for others is taught and most importantly, practiced and applied.
  3. Family involvement

Skyler, G7

  1. We feel the school’s sincerity in helping us parents raise good and God-fearing children.
  2. A progressive school with a well-balanced curriculum, that won’t burn out children so much.

Pablo, G7 

  • the school provides education that nurtures and develops not just the brain of the kids but their hearts as well
  • the teachers and school staff care for the kids’ overall well-being, not just their grades but more importantly their character, their health, their relationships
  • our family has seen how this kind of nurturing environment in school has mattered significantly in Pablo’s transition from a boy with frustration issues and who hated school and school work to a responsible young lad who shows empathy for family and friends, who has learned to be comfortable with his funny personality and weird interests, who has built strong friendships, who loves school even on days when he has to deal with a lot Filipino (the language!)

Nigel, G3

  • Child’s SPACE is a second home to my son. He is very comfortable with everybody even with the school helpers. I love how he enjoys going to school everyday and he doesn’t like being absent even if he’s sick.
  • Having a small class size is a plus because “smaller class” means kids will learn equally and will be given equal attention.
  • I love that Child’s SPACE doesn’t only teach inside the classroom. My son is also learning outside the campus by being exposed to so much fun activities from various field trips, visiting historical places and community activities which he enjoys all the time. I love how Child’s SPACE helped me mold my son to be a great kid, God fearing and very kind kid.

Lexi, Pre-Kinder 

  1. Christ-centered community with progressive type of education;
  2. The teachers and non-teaching personnel genuinely care for the students;
  3. Relatively cheaper tuition fees than other Catholic schools with progressive type of education;
  4. Generally all concerns and issues are immediately being addressed with the involvement of the students, and the students’ families.

Gavy, Pre-Kinder

Teacher or assistant to student ratio.

Progressive Learning and Christ-centered community.

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