Our Preschoolers Planted Tomatoes in our School Garden!


​Dear Parents,

We’d like to share this quote with you:

“The creation of a thousand forests begins with a single acorn.”

We hope you’ve been having a great week thus far! We had a spontaneous planting activity last Wednesday, the 8th of January with our preschoolers under the masterful guidance of our local green thumb, Kuya Romnick, also in charge of security and maintenance.

What sparked this activity was a discussion on nature and gardening the other day – and just like that we were planting tomatoes and flowers in the school garden at 8am in the morning.

In 40-50 days, they’ll discover the literal fruits of their labor – which is what we’d like to discuss today.

An activity as simple as gardening for 30 minutes taught our children a lot of takeaways.

Sense of community and cooperation
First, it built a sense of community and teamwork not only between classmates but also Kuya Romnick! We can do great things if we work together.

Scientific ability and care for the environment
Not only did they learn how to plant, but they learned about how the sun, the water and the soil work together to help the tomatoes grow – and how nature works hard to provide us with food and beauty from God.

Responsibility and observation skills
They’ll be watching out for their tomatoes until they produce fruit 40-50 days later. In the meantime, they’ll be watering them and watching the plants’ progress until they mature.

Sensory development
As they tilled the dirt and planted the seeds, they were able to feel the soil between their fingers and the various other plants in the garden. They also got a good amount of vitamin D while working under the sun – not to mention the vitamins they got from eating vegetables!

Parents, if you can take 30 minutes a day doing something engaging with your children – like gardening – there’s so many different things they can learn that they can apply in other areas of their life. Not to mention it’s a fun bonding activity!

We hope you got some useful takeaways from this article and enjoyed a quick look at your child’s typical school week.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts – our next one will be about the 100 Days of Kinder.

Happy Monday! 


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