The pandemic caught us all by surprise.  In one instant, our schedules, routines and everything we were used to stopped without warning.  And suddenly, we are all under one roof 24/7.  How do you maximize this season with your spouse, with each child, as a family?  In response to this new and daunting reality, Antioch School Manila launched its monthly Parenting Webinar Series entitled Parenting As One last October 2020.  Each webinar includes talks on formation and practical parenting from very special guest speakers.  


The Importance of Prayer 

The first of this series featured Fr. Iwao Ikegami, FMVD who shared about The Importance of Prayer.  Fr. Iwao emphasized that prayer is the best long-term investment.  He explained that, “We have saved someone when we have taught him or her to pray.  Christ will have a new disciple when he or she, through prayer, ‘comes to know him’ personally, not by hearsay but by personal experience (John 4:42).” 


Family during Pandemic

Mompreneur Lady Makalintal delivered a talk about Family During Pandemic. Here are some of the light bulb moments for families to keep in mind: Take time to know your child, as well as the time and place that they are growing up in. Parents should realize that these days are very different from when we were growing up. Think about your goals and carry them through. Build routine: nighttime chats, Sunday lunch, workout dates, and whatever else that would fit your family’s personality. Finally, have some room for some spontaneity! Drive thru for some ice cream just because.


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