School Events


Our school events are all family events! Parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends are always invited to join us. We believe that the success of each event is really based on the support that all our families give us.

When Antioch School Manila began, we only had 4 school-wide events but now we have 8 major ones. It won’t be a surprise if we have more and more each year. As long as we have the parents’ support, we know that each event will be a success and will indeed be a learning experience for each child. We celebrate the small things in our classroom everyday; we want to celebrate the big things with you!

Buwan ng Wika

Antioch School Manila joins the whole nation in celebrating Buwan ng Wika.  We learn to love our language,  appreciate our songs, dances, stories and food and talk about our heroes and the symbols of our great nation.

We culminate the event with a Fiesta in school. Parents are invited to watch us perform as well as participate in both traditional and contemporary games. And of course, it is not an authentic Filipino event without scrumptious food, from putobungbong to adobo.

Pilgrimage to Mama Mary 

On September 8, we remember our dear Mother’s birthday by visiting her in a nearby Church. We are always honored by the parish priest of the visited Church to share with us about our Beloved Mother. The children say a special prayer and sing a song as a gift to Mama Mary. We end with a flower offering at the foot of her image and the children are given a special blessing by the priest before we depart.

We remember and we thank our dear Mother Mary for saying Yes to be the mother of our Saviour. Mary said “You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said.” Luke 1:37


Candies, costumes and games are things to look forward to, not only by children but adults too. We provide everyone with the experience of Halloween but with a twist. So as not to scare toddlers and preschoolers, we come up with themes for this annual family event. We have had a Literacy-Based Halloween, Noah’s Ark, Go Green and a Musical Halloween. Parents set up art and game booths, we play theme-related party games then we eat food provided by the families. Our last activity is of course the Time for Treats; we trot around the compound and building units who also look forward to filling our children’s loot bags with goodies and sweets!

Christmas Program

Look the virgin is with child and will give birth to a Son whom they will call Immanuel, a name which means God-is-with-us. Matthew 1:23

Every December, all classes busy themselves, preparing for their first pageant of the year. Parents will come to watch their children perform in the Christmas Play. The children have lines to memorize, songs and dances to practice.

We perform special adaptations of plays as well as those originally written by teachers that always have Jesus as the central theme for Christmas must always be about Him.  The finale of any play is always the entire school singing a song of homage to our King.

Moving Up & Graduation Day

We celebrate moving up to the next level in a big way and a program to showcase their talents and what they have learned in school an entire year is the best way to go. The children perform a play, sing and dance for their families.

The Kinder are given special awards written by their class teachers and have the opportunity to thank their parents.  All children go up the stage to receive their Certificates.

Family Day

Our Family Day is held on the last Sunday of January. Our main theme is for families to be united and have fun! Teachers plan a sports event or a race that will require each team to run around the chosen place but with tasks to perform along the way. We have been to the Lamesa Dam, Pasig Rainforest and Ninoy Aquino’s Parks and Wildlife. Team Captains who are volunteer parents work hard to gather their teams and to lead them to victory!