– Daddy RJ and Mommy Jo Serra

We thank God for leading us to Child’s Space! “Christ Centered, Quality of Teachers, Progressive” – these are our three non-negotiable requirements in finding the right school for our children.  Child’s Space met them all and even exceeded our expectations.

Christ-Centered Mission and Vision – A rare find in a pre-school!
Child’s Space mission is to provide a Christ-Centered environment for its students.  Quoting a fellow parent “while it is no longer common to find a pre-school that includes Jesus in their curriculum, Child’s Space has a special subject called Jesus Discovery!”  And we feel very blessed knowing that our children’s school is our partner in teaching our children how much they are loved by a Great God!

Child’s Space Christ-Centered mission and vision also gives us the peace of mind that our children are growing in a safe and loving environment.  The values the school embraces is very much aligned with our personal beliefs.

Whenever our children tell us their great stories about their typical day in school, we are always affirmed that God has placed them at the right place.

Quality of Teachers – Very creative and passionate!
We commend the quality of teachers in Child’s Space! Aside from their very good academic backgrounds (many of them having Masters Degrees or are  currently taking one), we have personally witnessed their creativity and passion in making learning enjoyable for their little students. We are amazed on how they conceptualize and implement special activities for the school. We honor you Teachers!  Job well done! We pray that God will continue to bless all of you. J

Progressive Learning Approach – Learning in Child’s Space is Fun!
We really liked the progressive learning approach that Child’s Space offers. Our children are always excited to go to school because Child’s Space makes learning very fun!

Just to share, our eldest is starting to read at 4 years old and already knows the concept of days and dates! Our other child, in just one year, from being very shy has significantly developed her confidence with the help of the school and her very good teachers. J

Very Affordable (a Big Bonus!) – Child’s Space is the most affordable progressive pre-school in the Metro!
1 is to 7 Teacher to Student ratio. Progressive. Very Good Quality of Teachers. Christ-Centered program. With all these offers, it is surprising to know that the tuition fee is 40%-60% more affordable than most progressive type school around the area.

We honor the school founders for their generosity in offering such quality education at an affordable price.

We are really blessed to have found Child’s Space. God willing, we look forward to spending more years with this school. We do pray for exponential growth in all areas of your plans – for the school, for your teachers and your students!

God bless,
Daddy RJ and Mommy Jo Serra
Parents of Augustine (Pre-Kinder) and Fiel (Nursery)