– Daddy Rouel Ganir

“Never have we found a school where teachers keep a close-bond relationship with their  students,  but here in
Child’s SPACE. That’s one of the reasons why we love this  school. Teachers  are all professionals. They  are so kind, loving and patient to the kids.  They see the kids as precious human beings that have unique talents and abilities. Thus, mode of teaching considers individual differences and unique learning abilities.  Kids themselves see the school as a very comforting home and not just a place to learn and play.  Our son, Ryle  in particular,  truly enjoyed studying in Child’s Space. He had learned a lot of things through experience, discovery, exploration and teacher’s stories, teaching and guidance. He developed his creative thinking and self-confidence. They are learning while playing– as my son always tell us, “Kids do best when they play.”

We had regrets  then  why we didn’t enroll our  eldest  son , Ryle  to Child’s SPACE when he was in Nursery,  but we are glad and thankful that Child’s Space teachers were able to fill what he had missed.  Now, we are very confident that  Ryle is very much prepared to enter a new phase, which is Grade 1. Moving forward, our second child will surely go to Child’s SPACE when it’s time for him to start school. ”

Thumbs up to you Child’s Space!