-Mommy Red and Daddy Archie Espina

We were never a believer of sending kids to school at an early age until we came across Child Space!

Kayel was once a very shy girl and would literally ignore strangers and even cry at times. At first, from a fathers perspective, I was fond of saying ok keep that until your 30! (mostly due to my fears) but Child’s Space showed us how important social involvement is to a child’s development and helped us nurture our daughter to become a very confident and smart little girl that is making her way to a big school with very impressive comments from the teachers who evaluated her; prompting the questions, where does she go to school?

It has always brought us joy every time we pick up Kayel from school as she has always something to share to us and does it in a very enthusiastic manner! (Oh my goodness it’s a turtle!)

Kayel’s social skill is really polished by Child Space to the point that we have to stop her from talking to our friends, which she would eagerly share her jokes with. We are really amazed by how involved and nature conscious she is! She consistently reminds us to turn off the lights to save energy and not to let the water run.

Her “can do” attitude and analytical skills are becoming very evident which most of the time puts us in awe on how she figure things out and know what goes where… from driving to Frank Sinatra.

All the developments we have seen in Kayel made us say we made the right choice with Child’s Space; dedication coupled with personal touch by the (beautiful) teachers gave us peace of mind and was one of the deciding factors of choosing Child’s Space!

-Mommy Red and Daddy Archie Espina