Virtual Exhibit


This year, we celebrate our 15th year anniversary. As any milestone, we want to share our joy and our blessings with others.  With the theme #Weareonecommunity, we held an Art Contest in October and the winning art work was the design for our #Weareonecommunity eco bag. Funds raised were shared with the Sta. Rafaela Maria School of Naga City run by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (ACI Sisters) who continue their mission to teach vulnerable children despite unsurmountable challenges especially during this pandemic.

With the pandemic, we have all experienced many unimaginable challenges.  At the same time, it has also become an opportunity to recognize the many blessings we have all been given.  As a school, we are grateful that we are still here; open to serve our families and continue with our mission. We see the many reasons to celebrate and we know there is more to come.

This virtual art exhibit presents all the art work submitted by our students who joined the contest.  Not only do they display talent but faith, compassion and service. Be inspired by the messages behind each piece filled with depth and meaning.  Indeed our students understand what one community means.


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