We’re Having a Positive Discipline Workshop on January 18 and We’d Love it if You Came!


Dear parents, 

Are you familiar with this conversation?

“I don’t want to do x. Why should I?”

“Because mommy said so!”

“But why?”

“Because I said so!”

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Tired of the power struggle? 

We’re holding a parenting seminar on Positive Discipline on January 18, led by Teacher Kara Marchadesch, one of our teachers and a certified Positive Discipline coach.

In preparation for the event, we wanted to give you an introduction to the principle of Positive Discipline and why it’s an effective way to nurture an attitude of respect and cooperation, and understanding why we shouldn’t do certain things. Why not make it more positive and say why we should do certain things in a positive way?

The practice boils down to changing the perception of the word discipline from “punishment” to “teaching.”

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Here are 3 key ideas to better understand the concept:

  1. We should focus on the behaviour, not identifying your child as “good” or “bad.” There are no inherently “bad” children.
  2. Discipline should not cause pain, it should communicate understanding and empathy.
  3. We teach children to make the right choices not because we, the parents, said so, but because the wrong choices have consequences, like hurting others.

Finally, here are some examples of a better way to say “no”, “don’t do that”, or “that’s bad”:

“I understand that you want to watch TV for another hour, but you’ll have a hard time waking up tomorrow morning.”

“I know those candies are your favorite, but too much of it will give you a tummy ache.”

“What you said really hurt your friend’s feelings. Wouldn’t you feel better if you go over to him and apologize?”

Not only will you foster long-term cooperative attitude, but it’s a lot less exhausting than having a back and forth that ends with no real winner. It’s also much better than bribing your child with a toy or pizza for dinner (hint: this also becomes both exhausting and expensive real quick.)

The seminar will go much more in-depth on the topic and we’ll make sure to update you with another post after the event.

Let’s do a save the date:  January 18, Saturday, 9am to 12 noon

We hope to see you there!


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