What Can You Learn in 100 Days?


Dear Parents, 

We’d like to share a poem by Rachel Lucacsko:

We’ve been learning for a while,
In fact 100 days. 
We can spell, read and write.
We can count in many ways.
We’ve had fun and made good friends,
But it isn’t over yet!
Let’s keep going, going, going…
And see how smart we can get!

​​Last January 7, 2020, we had our annual 100 Days of Kinder event. While we normally hold this event during December, classes were cancelled so we had to postpone – well, it’s a great start to our 2020, at least. Our students proudly showed off each of their collections to their fellow classmates, upperclassmen and their parents.

There were rows of toy cars, tables full of action figures and even a mini library! You’d see happy meal toys, a collection of bouncy balls and an aspiring zookeeper presenting his awesome animal figurines They were excited, we the teachers were excited – even the upperclassmen were excited! Since the Grade 6 batch had their own 100 Days when they were younger, it’s something the whole school looks forward to. What a cool tradition, right?

And what a day! And what a hundred days it has been as well. Parents, your kids have been working hard – learning new skills, practicing their maths and language, and working together to achieve great things. 

We’re always so excited for this event as a way to teach our kids the value of collecting items – to be proud of their interests, and to see how each and every one of us can be different from each other but still work together.  It was the perfect chance to not only take part in their classmate’s interests but also to practice their presentation skills.

But the most important thing that we learned is that we should also work hard for others. Last December as part of the 100 Days event, we had a food sale on campus – all the proceeds went to Kuya Romnick, Ate Lala and our helpers in school. We also launched a school drive for 100 pairs of footwear that we could donate. Dear parents, we’re so proud to say that it was a total success! 

We can’t wait to hold this event again next year – and for the many activities we can look forward to this 2020.

Thank you dear parents for your continued support. We hope you had fun reading this school year’s 100 Days of Kinder. 

Until the next post! 



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