What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? (An Old Question for a New Generation)


Dear Parents, 

In the spirit of the upcoming Business Week, today we want to talk about a question I’m sure we’ve all been asked as kids…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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The usual answers were astronaut, doctor, or maybe even teacher. But as we look into the bright eyes of our little ones as they answer “YouTuber!” or “Robot builder!” – well, we can’ t deny things are very different nowadays.

The same way that the Industrial Revolution greatly changed the job economy, today we are going through another technological growth spurt – one that is totally unprecedented. So we’d best prepare.

Here are some of the new careers your child will consider as he or she gets older:

Virtual Reality Designer

A professional who uses virtual reality technology to simulate experiences for customers. These could be for the purpose of entertainment or for marketing.

Machine Learning Engineer

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A professional who writes code and designs parameters that “teach” machines how to find patterns in big data. Machine Learning is part of Artificial Intelligence.

Data Scientist

A professional who understands how to extract big data (from machine learning software) and can apply it to their particular industry like real estate, commerce, etc.

UX Designer

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A professional who designs the user experience for when a person visits a website, uses an app, works with software and for any interaction with digital tools.

And so many more… Nowadays, they can work from anywhere around the world!Dear parents, we’re so excited to see all the great things that our children will be able to build in the future – so we want to make sure to arm them with the right tools for the job.Traditional education institutions have truly served to teach us the fundamentals of modern knowledge, and built our character as valuable members of society – among many more lessons.But now it’s so encouraging to see more options for families who want to prepare for the future – perhaps more than when you and I were younger.

​Our integrated curriculum such as our Business Class and Computer Science, as well as our general approach to teaching and learning, allow students hands on experiences that help our students see connections across disciplines and apply content and knowledge to real life situations, which give them more a dynamic and personalized learning experience.

In addition to the above, through Project and Problem-based Learning in high school, students acquire, use and develop important skills like critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, oral communication and more.

We also have Family Missions to expose students to reality outside their world – to realize they can do something today, and through these experiences remain proactive until they get older. It’s also a great chance for us to give back to our amazing community.

Dear parents, again, the future is awesome. We look forward to working together to prepare our youth to make big waves in our country.

Until the next post! 


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