Why Does Our School Teach Students About Business?


Dear parents,

Business Class is now officially open! We’re also launching Business Week on February 10, so stay tuned for that announcement.

But before that… We found it important to start the conversation with why Business Class is such an important part of our curriculum  – and why we’re so passionate about teaching kids about the world of business.

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Financial Literacy is the first and most important lesson we teach our students. We want them to understand that money is a finite but useful tool that provides both value and opportunities, but can only be acquired through hard and smart work.

We teach them the difference between wants and needs and how to save and spend wisely.

In class, they learn about the production of goods and that resources come from nature so we should always be mindful and recycle what we can. We also teach them about marketing and advertising and how those can impact their financial decisions.

They also find ways to grow their capital by “working” at home – parents give them chores and they are paid, which they’ll put together as their working capital.

Business Class at Child’s SPACE is a perfect application of our championship of integrated learning! Not only does it reinforce traditional skills like math, science and language, but also the relationships and associations between them when practiced in the real world.

When earning their capital at home for example, students practice negotiation and minor accounting – how many chores do I need to do to earn 20 pesos? This also helps them understand the weight of the value of money.

The best part is that they also learn the value of generosity – part of their profit from working at home and from what they earn during Business Week will go to our Family Missions as our way to give back to the community.

Parents, the skills that today’s economy demands are vastly different. We need more problem-solvers, creative thinkers, innovators, and challengers. We believe that traditional education should be augmented to well-equip our children for what lies ahead.

This article from entrepreneur.com defines business in education as teaching:

“- not only the capacity to start companies but also to think creatively and ambitiously.”

We say it all the time ourselves:

The children are the future.

We need to prepare our children to not just survive but thrive and even shape our future.

Dear parents, the future is so awesome – especially for our children. The past few decades have brought us so much progress and discovery, and opportunities to help others and make the world beautiful. Wouldn’t it be best to prepare our kids to conquer it?

Until the next post!

PS. Stay tuned for news on the upcoming the upcoming event, Business Week – where our students put their skills to the test!


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